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Severe storms are a common occurrence in Alabama. Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and severe weather cause millions of dollars of damage to homes, vehicles and other property each year.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous insurance companies are even more common. Although your insurance policy contract may cover the full value of your damaged home, farm or business, it is unlikely your insurance company will surrender that value without a fight. These days, many insurers' business models are based on limiting insurance payouts, even when the accompanying insurance claims are valid and accurate.

For this reason, it is important that you retain an experienced Alabama property damage attorney any time you have a catastrophic storm damage claim. At Jackson and Associates, we assist policyholders throughout the state in obtaining full compensation from insurance companies for their storm damage to property.

Why Should I Hire An Attorney For My Storm Damage Claim?

The insurance company is not on your side. We are. Our founding attorney, Alan L. Jackson, worked for more than 20 years as an insurance adjuster. For twelve years, he has worked as an insurance claim attorney, helping to obtain insurance compensation for his policy holding clients.

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Fighting Back For Your Insurance Claim Recovery

People trust their insurance companies to provide them with full compensation following a property disaster or injury. Unfortunately, people rarely receive all of the insurance money they are due.

Insurance companies calculate damage claims using a computer process that undervalues claims. By design, materials and labor are valued lower than true market values. By doing this, insurance companies can defend their choices to undercut customers. They can say "our estimates show we should pay you this much" when, in reality, the cost is much greater.

When an insurance company delays or refuses to pay on a valid claim without a good reason, it is considered to be in "bad faith" of the insurance contract. At Jackson and Associates, we make compensating clients our mission. We stand firmly with clients, helping them to fight back against bad faith insurers in a variety of Alabama property damage and personal injury scenarios.

Alabama’s Claim Attorney For Storm Damage, Fire Damage, Personal Injury And Workers' Comp

If your home, car or other property was damaged, it is important that you obtain the full amount due to you under your insurance policy. Retain our law firm, and we will pursue the full amount of compensation permitted by the insurance contract for your:

  • Storm damage from tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and severe storms
  • Fire damage caused by lightning, an accidental blaze or arson
  • Damage to your car, truck, motorcycle or other motor vehicles in an auto insurance claim
  • Property damage to home, auto and other property
  • Injuries due to negligence in car accidents, accidents on property and other causes
  • Work injuries covered by workers' compensation
  • Work-related injuries caused by third parties and not covered by workers' compensationAn Insurance 'Insider' Who Fights For Your Insurance Compensation

An Insurance 'Insider' Who Fights For Your Insurance Compensation

In Alabama, property and casualty insurance companies are making aggressive use of the examination under oath provision of insurance contracts. The examination permits the insurer to observe the insured's demeanor and trustworthiness and to obtain detailed information concerning the insured's claims after a loss.

The examination under oath is a formal proceeding before a court reporter and recorded in a verbatim transcript. Every question and answer is made a part of the record.

Why You Need An Attorney

Do not go to the examination under oath without a lawyer present. Jackson and Associates will guide you through this process. It is important to work with an attorney who has experience handling property insurance litigation when you receive an examination under oath notification from your insurance company.

Attorney Alan L. Jackson was a former insurance adjuster and has decades of experience handling examination under oath proceedings and issues.

Your Duties As A Policyholder

Property insurance contracts almost universally dictate certain duties to policyholder(s) in the event of a covered loss. These duties usually require the insured to:

  • Prepare an inventory of damaged personal property showing the quantity, description, actual cash value and amount of loss. Attach all bills, receipts and related documents that justify the figures in the inventory.
  • Show the damaged property
  • Provide the insurer with records and documents as requested.
  • Submit to examination under oath, while not in the presence of any other insured.

In the policy contract, your insurer has given itself the right to question you "under oath" about the details of the loss/claim. "Under oath" means you legally swear that your answers are truthful.

Inventory Of Your Personal Property

You will be directed to bring documents of your policies, financial statements and receipts showing your losses. This can be impossible if you had a fire loss or other storm damage that ruined these documents. You are required to make every reasonable effort to reproduce these documents.

We can help you through this process. We have methods to help us obtain at least some of these documents to provide evidence of the property and assets you lost.

The insurance carrier is entitled to view your financial records to determine that you had the income or credit to actually purchase the items you are claiming as a loss. This can have a substantial impact during your proceeding. We will ensure all information provided is accurate and that you have the financial statements and documentation to back up your inventory list.

Contact Our Law Firm Right Away

Do not wait to contact us if you have received a notification for an examination under oath proceeding. You need our help. Call us at 256-281-9589 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

People are rarely paid all of the insurance money they are owed.  Let Jackson and Associates help.

Insurance Claims 

Fire is a common cause of property damage to Alabama homes. Dry conditions and high temperatures often result in the destruction of many years of hard work and savings. When your property is damaged by fire, it is important that you pursue the full amount of compensation allowed by your homeowners policy.

Jackson and Associates represents the interests of Alabama homeowners, business owners and others who have had property damaged by fire. We help our clients recover the money they need to repair, rebuild or move on after an encounter with serious fire damage.

What We Can Do For You | Insurance Dispute Lawyer

Many people who file damage claims find that their insurers are unwilling to pay the requested amounts. Sometimes, this happens because the insurer is looking for an easy way to save money. Other times, the insurer suspects that the insured person is exaggerating the damage or lying about how the fire was caused.

Our founding attorney, Alan L. Jackson, is an insurance industry veteran who is familiar with the tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying fire damage claims. Through our law firm, he can help you by reviewing your claim and performing an investigation of the fire that is parallel to the insurance company's investigation.

Retain our law firm, and he will work to prove the cause of your fire, use photos and records to establish the replacement values of what was lost, and pursue those amounts zealously - whether in court, in settlement negotiations, or in court-ordered arbitration or mediation. We can also pursue compensation for living expenses while you are displaced from your home.

If the insurance company suspects, or is pursuing charges against you for insurance fraud, we will work to clear you by establishing another cause for the fire.

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